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What is a Sugoi Brand Champion?

Sugoi created the Brand Champion program for athletes of all abilities who wear Sugoi apparel to help spread the word regarding the benefits of Sugoi apparel. Brand Champions are indiviudals that continually strive to give their best in each event.

The Brand Champion program was created to fuel personal bests by “supporting and encouraging outstanding people who differ from your average athlete – those who set themselves apart from other athletes by their passion and commitment to push themselves to inspire others and to embody a motivating attitude, wherever they go.”

There are a variety of athletes both well-known and unknown that inspire me to push myself further, train a little bit longer, race a little bit harder, and motivate me to, on the day, give it my best. As part of this blog I will share stories of these individuals who serve as an inspiration for me and in turn, hopefully for you as well.


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