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For the past several months I have been championing the use and benefits of compression gear. After reading an article in Triathlete Magazine I became curious. I first started wearing compression socks while training for the Nashville Country Music Marathon. Almost immediately I noticed a difference in my training performance and my recovery.

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So What Is Compression?

Compression gear got it’s start on the football field as players were looking for a solution that provided greater endurance and fewer injuries. It then got carried over into the medical field to help people with various vascular conditions. More recently sports apparel companies, like Sugoi, have developed integrated compression apparel to meet the needs of athletes of all abilities.

The basic concept with compression gear is that it enhances and enables blood flow from extremities back to the heart. This allows the body to deliver properly oxygenated blood out to the body.

What Are The Benefits?

The are four main benefits of compression gear:

1. Improved Circulation: help pump blood back to the heart, allowing for more efficient distribution of oxygen. Improved circulation results in the removal of by-products of muscle exertion such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which commonly cause cramps and discomfort.

2. Reduced Fatigue / Enhanced Muscle Stability: Targeted muscle groups are isolated and fully encapsulated, resulting in muscle vibration reduction. The muscle group is stabilized by the garments, resulting in less immediate fatigue and reduced chance of injury.

3. Improved Accuracy and Efficiency of Muscle Movement: improve accuracy and efficiency of movement. This can lead to improved performance across a range of sports, including a more efficient:

Position on the bicycle,
Running stride,
Swimming stroke.

4. Faster Recovery: Enhanced circulation assists the removal of post activity build-up of lactic acid collected in muscle tissue. Improved circulation combined with enhanced muscle stabilization for reduced muscle damage all assist in speeding recovery.

Why Do I Like Sugoi Compression?

I didn’t start out wearing Sugoi compression but as soon as Sugoi launched their compression socks I went out and got a pair right away. I now wear Sugoi Compression Socks exclusively because their fit and performance are superior to the other several brands I have tried.

In late Fall 2009 Sugoi launched their full line of compression gear including long and short sleeve shirts, arm and leg sleeves, leg tights, and shorts. I immediately ordered a pair of tights and a short sleeve shirt to compare them with the other brands that I had been training in. I have since ordered another pair of tights, another short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts.

The Sugoi compression gear fits better than other brands I have tried and the zone controlled compression impressively focuses on key muscle groups. I currently train, recover and race in compression gear. I have found the most remarkable difference in my recovery. You don’t have to take my word for it.

220 Triathlon, the UK’s biggest and best-selling triathlon magazine, tested SUGOI’s new Piston 200 Compression Tight in their January edition. The compression tights won the “EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD” – a highly sought after award from the 20-year-old publication.

Why You Should Try Compression

If your legs, calves, arms ever feel tired after a training session wearing compression gear will help you recover faster. This not only allows you to go on with the rest of your day but the next time you go out for a training session your body will have recovered faster and will be better prepared for that training session.

Whether you consider yourself a full or part-time athlete or just someone who likes to go for walks I think you fill find benefits from wearing compression gear. There are also several medical benefits, which I won’t go into but your physician should be able to discuss with you.

I don’t just wear compression gear for my sport specific training sessions. I’ll wear them hiking, playing hockey (as an anaerobic sport I want to prevent my legs from getting tired between shifts), and I’ll also wear compression on airplanes when travelling to events so that my body remains as efficient as possible.


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