Running Into Yoga

I recently completed a yoga running workshop through YYoga’s Flow Wellness studio in downtown Vancouver. I’ve had several coaches in the past but the knowledge, expertise and energy that Katherine Moore brought to the clinic created a very relaxed yet engaging environment. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend checking out one of her workshops or retreats.

Katherine Moore - Running Into Yoga

I began balancing my run training with yoga in January 2010 and the difference has been both visible and beneficial. The Running Into Yoga clinic provided a great mixture of running drills with yoga poses targeted towards runners. Both my running and yoga practice have benefitted as a result.

And if an upcoming clinic or retreat doesn’t fit into your schedule – try one of Katherine’s yoga classes at YYoga.


3 thoughts on “Running Into Yoga

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  2. Thanks Graham! Good Luck with your race! I have some workshops coming up @yyoga Yaletown first three weeks in July! See you soon! K

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