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Top 10 of 2010 – My Sugoi Favourites

With 2010 coming to a close, highlighted by the Big Five Marathon, and an exciting upcoming 2011 race calendar, highlighted by my first multi-stage and first self-supported event Racing The Planet: Nepal and my first obstacle-style / multi-discipline races (Spartan and Tough Mudder), I thought I put together a list of my favourite Sugoi gear of 2010.

#10 – Merlin 2-in-1 Short

Full sewn-in boxer creating some light compression.

#9 – RSR Short

My “go to” short for almost everything. Rear / side pockets are very convenient.

#8 – Hydrolite Jacket

Want to stay dry on your run / cycle? The Hydrolite jacket is the answer.

#7 – Velocity Tri Tank

Very comfortable, 3 rear pockets, and breathable.

#6 – Ready SL Tank

I love this tank for training, yoga, going to the gym and just chilling out at home. Slimmer fit but extremely comfortable. Also frequently on sale so I have about 8 of them!

#5 – Brand Champion Singlet

My race day jersey. Worn in the Big Five Marathon with a racing camelbak hydration system and had a great race. Very comfortable and doesn’t cut low in the front like singlets by most other companies do.

#4 – Compression Tights and Shirt

Anyone who has heard me talk about compression gear knows that I am huge fun and enthusiastic supporter of compression gear. I generally wear the tights in colder weather. The shirt is great for recovery after a swim workout.

#3 – Compression Socks

My love affair with compression gear first began with compression socks and Sugoi’s launch of their compression gear lead to me becoming more familiar with Sugoi products and ultimately choosing Sugoi as my preferred training and racing brand. Compression socks are great for training, recovery and while playing other sports, i.e. I wear compression socks while snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, playing hockey, etc. The various styles of compression socks allow an athlete to choose what works best for them. My favourites are the high sock and the ankle sock.

#2 – Versa Jacket

Admittedly this was a tough call. The Versa jacket is quite possibly the coolest jacket ever – and the cool factor, not to mention the “wow” factor, is huge. Basically it makes you feel like you’re Optimus Prime. The detachable magnetic sleeves come off and on extremely easily even while running at a tempo pace. I run with music so I like to throw on my iPod while just wearing the vest and then throw on the sleeves so that if / when I decide to take the sleeves off and store them in the ultra-convenient rear pouch I don’t have to slow down to take off the sleeves. The Versa is also wind resistant (I recently ran in 3 degree Celsius weather with a head wind only wearing a Ready SL Tank underneath – see #6) and didn’t feel the wind at all. The Versa isn’t completely waterproof but it is an absolutely fantastic jacket. Go buy it. Now.

#1 – Piston 200 Compression Short

I know that my top 10 list already has some other compression gear products on it and those who know me will probably be shocked that I’m putting the compression shorts ahead of compression socks. Compression gear is great for training, racing, and recovery. I never train without wearing compression shorts but I also wear them for recovery for several hours after training and before a training session. If I don’t wear them I immediately feel the ache in my quads and my recovery is much slower. The compression short’s design to specifically focus on the quadriceps significantly enhances recovery and ensures that I am fully prepared for the next training session.


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